Not Guilty

Not Guilty

I sit in my cell looking back
Wrong place wrong time
At least for me anyway
Freeing someone else from a crime

The evidence is all hearsay
But the jury didn’t view in my favor
So here I sit an innocent man
Eating my last meal hoping to savor

I have given up on giving blame
For there is no reason
My name and honor is trashed
I have forgotten every season

So here I sit playing with my food
Soon to be taken into another room
The world needed someone to sacrifice
So the terrible act would no longer loom

To face my death is all I can do
For my death will bring them to peace
To the guard a give a simple nod
He unlocks the door, and lets in the priest

The priest attempts to save my soul
Asking me to commit to my sins
Make my peace with our lord
I have nothing to say so the long walk begins

I am chained as I walk by other cells
Some hoot and holler, “dead man walking”
I am escorted through a steel door
I can hear people whispering, talking

I am sat down into a hard metal chair
Then strapped to the seat
I have nothing more to say
So their injection ceases my heart beat

There is a statistic that 25% of the people put to death are innocent of the crime they committed, or were rushed into prison to appease the public. Another statistic is that in between 35-50% of people put into jail were put in there via eye witness, and no substantial evidence and roughly at least a 2/3s of that percentage are innocent all together. Our legal system is not perfect, but if it wasn’t based off of politics it could be better and more accurate. Justice is indeed blind. Blind to the truth. Judges, sheriff, and politicians up for reelection are believed to cause more incorrect judgments to seem better in the publics eye than any other cause. Think about this next time you vote.


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One response to “Not Guilty

  • powerofwow

    The system is designed for the greedy few all around.. politics being the term used… We’re mere pawns in their power games and the criminal justice system is bottom of their list where caring is concerned… Innocents.. youngsters etc.. locked up.. forgot about and wrote off… I see it.. see the effects on the families for whom there’s no justice… There’s no death penalty here.. but never the less the effects are no less profound… I don’t vote because they all have the same agenda.. veneered over with their spin… If there was a collective force who stood up and spoke the truth and really had peoples best interests at heart right across the board.. then I would have no hesitation in joining them… Sadly I’ve yet to see this outside of the individual soul…

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