:disclosure: The following poem may be a little disturbing for some to handle for this poem is directed from the disgusting points of view of the true scums of the earth. Readers beware.

I love life with a view
Not one of me and you
But that of a 18 year young lass
With a short skirt covering that ass
I love sex when its wrong
Creating my own “love” song
Just bend right on over with ease
And let me do as I please
I love breaking a tease
Showing them the truth about sleaze
Muffling screams with underwear
Coming inside without a care

I love sex for money
My body is for sell honey
But marring me is the trick
Soon after you will become sick
Money for my love dear
Only money will keep me near
But you see there are always bigger fish
So, spend to keep me your dish
Or watch me flutter to another
Maybe even your youngest brother

I love spreading rumors you see
No one can be as happy as me
For this world is mine to control
Everyone must bow down and pay my toll
If not, my words will spread like fire
Destroying all you hope for and desire
Making your good name
The focus for all to blame
So do my bidding or pay
For it is forever my way

I have the power of daddies cash
So I have an inherited right to bash
All those with lesser means
For I have the means
To grant or diminish dreams
To make another’s life hell
Till they are nothing but an empty shell
You ask me why
I wish to see you cry
The answer…It makes me smile
And laugh for a brief while


About shoelessboywonder

Poet and cook, I'm just starting out in the web world trying to grow a fan base for my poetry, it seems like its off to a good start and the site is also made for me to improve upon my writing skills so please rate and comment on the poems you like best, feedback is the greatest way to success thanks for checking me out and my site. View all posts by shoelessboywonder

3 responses to “Scum

  • powerofwow

    I’ve had life lessons from the same types and I’m still here and going forward… 🙂 I wonder why you feel the need to write about dark subjects… Does your soul really reside there or did you have similar life lessons too and this is a way of expelling demons…? Curiosity to read overode on my part.. hence I’m here commenting…

    • shoelessboywonder

      I have seen some nasty things, i have met some disturbing people. I have heard terrible stories, and sad to say that the darkness overcasts the light. Light subjects few can relate to, they are a dream they are hope. I prefer to symbolize things that people can relate to instead of what they dream. Such as updating the evil nursery rhymes. Stories of rape, and murder. The news covers one person’s great story of success and then highlights all the major tragedies. The small deaths, the small terrible dreams that your parents warn you about are over looked. Girl gets raped, the guy is hardly ever caught. Murder cases only on average 20% ever get solved, and 15% of those get arnt even listed as murders. If people ignore what the dangers that are out side they become ignorant of the damage that those hidden dangers could cause, Better be safe then sorry. A lot of my darker stuff like what i have above doesn’t give me joy to write. I feel dirty. But i write it cause few others would dare to. This poem is nothing i’m proud of but i feel that attempting to explain why someone shifty might be interested in you could be used as a warning. So when you meet somebody I believe you should think briefly and read them for a minute why you get to know them just dont jump into something cause they may be after more than you are willing to give.

      To be honest i lost my train of thought half way through that. so thanks for reading my ramblings and i hope it answered your question.


  • powerofwow

    Yeh certainly did and I agree.. having experienced the recieving end of these minds in every respect more or less and yeh I’m curious and always have been as to how these minds tick and drew the same conclusion as yourself a while back…
    I tend to focus on the light ( the positive ) and I’m lucky in the respect I was given many blessed gifts to achieve the state of light that people indeed hope for… My spaces reflect this… 🙂
    To achieve this doesn’t require lots of money.. just imagination and ingenuity and being true to yourself… my gifts enable me to reach states of bliss no matter ” what is ” in my life… 🙂
    I respect the fact you dared to write about it and from what angle and that’s why I read what you wrote and commented… I also dared to read too… 🙂 If you let people like that make you bitter or bring you down though.. they’ve still got control over your life and power over your being…
    I believe I was put here to show people how even with very little you can look towards the light.. depends which way you choose to look at life… I see my past as life lessons… They gave me strength.. insight.. empathy.. compassion and above all knowlege and wisdom… ( although we’re always learning…) I live surrounded by my creativity and have created my own little world of bliss and have inspirations daily.. so I’d say my lifepath made me who I am today and it’s much nicer and magical to live the way I do… We eperience the contrast to see the light and the darker the contrast.. the greater the potential light that can be reached… ” Even in the darkest of places when the light is shone there can only be light…” One of my fav quotes. 🙂
    Little word of advice though if you don’t mind… 🙂 Don’t do stuff that makes you feel dirty or brings you down in yourself in any way… That’s your inner guidence system letting you know that what you’re doing isn’t right for your wellbeing.. it’s inbuilt in us all.. just few of us choose to listen to it… 🙂
    On that note.. thankyou for taking the time to answer my question it was appreciated… 🙂
    Have a magical day/eve… 🙂

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