Mother’s Cage

Mother’s Cage

Imagine if you will
A child never comforted
Whose mother didn’t know how to show compassion
Yet tried to protect her young’un from woe

A sad tale indeed
For mother and daughter
Never receiving what they need
In a life void of laughter

Her child swallow`s her own tears
For having views and feelings
In her home she couldn’t show
Always struggling with the meanings

This mother thinks with control
Her daughter will be without harm
She might have been right
Yet the daughter lives in alarm

For she would never find happiness
Because her mother would not allow
Her to take a risk
Against her mother’s vow

Trapped in cycle of missed chances
They both continue to spin
As resentment for one another grows
Creating a whole new sin

The mother continues to cage
So her daughter can’t spread her wings
For fear her daughter may fall from the sky
And see how existence stings

Now enters a young man
Far from perfect
Yet shows endless compassion and care
As the mother sees only the defects

For the previous robins in her life
Always trampled on her heart
Never turning her into a wife
Leaving at the start

No matter what he does
The cage remains locked
The mother is not willing to let go
And let her daughter join the flock

Hoping to only help
The young man steals the key
Only to be shot
Before he can set her free

Wounded he remains close to the cage
As the mother lives in disgust
Only buildingย up her rage
Mother loses daughter’s trust

In that mother always knows best
This saying isn’t always true
For the mother’s love she can’t express
And the young man says “I love you”

So away the mother moves her nest,
Cage and all
So the daughter can not hear
Her lover’s fleeting call

Now the daughter must make a choice
Leave all that she does know
And learn the strength of her voice
Spread her wings and finally grow


Remain in the safety of mother’s cage
To never know woe or joy
Die alone at a ripe old age
Being emotionally preserved like an unopened toy

So what is a child to do?
Torn by what she wants
And what mother knows best
What would you do?

This is my first attempt at adding non rhyming stanzas in my work. I hope they turned out alright, the first and last. Though i feel the last one is weak, but hey you live you learn. ๐Ÿ˜€


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Poet and cook, I'm just starting out in the web world trying to grow a fan base for my poetry, it seems like its off to a good start and the site is also made for me to improve upon my writing skills so please rate and comment on the poems you like best, feedback is the greatest way to success thanks for checking me out and my site. View all posts by shoelessboywonder

42 responses to “Mother’s Cage

  • powerofwow

    I can relate to this poem.. although I’m not up on your terminologies as such… ( eg.. stanzas… ) My mum was quite controlling with us.. albeit through love… I had to break free from this which took some time… She gave up on the control aspect with me.. realising it didn’t wash with me and all’s good now… ๐Ÿ™‚
    Another thing whilst I’m here.. I noted your reaction to short comments… Not everyone has the knowledge you do in your creativity and wouldn’t know how to express themselves in a way which appeals to you… Not everyone is a poet but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate your creative endeavours… Try to bear this in mind if you do recieve either a like or a short comment… The person has taken the time to read your poetry at the end of the day and I feel that maybe a bit more appreciation and understanding on your part wouldn’t go amiss… I hope you don’t mind me saying… ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a magical day…

    • shoelessboywonder

      no not at all i never mind a real comment, and though we may disagree on what we consider a real comment, i appreciate your view point. Also glad you could relate to the poem. I wrote it about a dear friend of mind to hopefully help her find some guidance.

      • powerofwow

        Thankyou I’m glad you didn’t mind me saying… Sometimes I read your stuff.. but am too tired or have a migraine and cannot write a long comment… Sometimes I’m only able to click the like button.. but I think your poetry is exellent.. albeit some of the subjects are a bit dark for me… I’d like to feel I could do this.. rather than nothing.. without upsetting the author… ๐Ÿ™‚ What’s a stanza btw.? ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s lovely that you thought of your friend and cared enough to write this… If I can be of any help.. just let me know.. maybe I could give an angle on the subject she could relate to…
        Have a magical day…

        • shoelessboywonder

          “The mother continues to cage
          So her daughter canโ€™t spread her wings
          For fear her daughter may fall from the sky
          And see how existence stings”

          A stanza is a collection of rhyming or non rhyming sentences usually an a number that repeats throughout the poetic peace or lyrical content. Such as whats listed above, i love to use 4 line stanzas, but i use others off and on throughout my work. 3,5,6 so on, hope i explained it alright have a great day

  • Life: Between the lines

    every other one did rhyme ๐Ÿ™‚ nice work, as long as you like it it works ๐Ÿ™‚
    enjoy the potluck!

  • Jamie Dedes

    I think you did well with nonrhyming stanzas. Keep experimenting until you get comfortable. Nice work.

    The story is an old one and certainly many would relate. My experience: my mother was right.

    Hang tough. Poem on …

  • Reflections

    Keep working with the unknown and it will become familiar to you. Nice piece. Capturing the urgency of protection without the nurturing aspect… a cold life caged, calling to spread her wings.

  • Jingle

    well played.
    it is fun to rhyme
    most of the time.

    keep it up,


  • mindlovemisery

    A powerful story and one I have seen reflected in the people I know. My mother didn’t know how to show compassion she used things to compensate affection. Unlike the mother in this story she kept very loose reigns pushing me away I had no stability or security but I also had no suffocating choke hold and I am glad for that even though my childhood was so lonely

  • luna15

    i thought it was brilliant, and it made me want to cry and hug the girl, and open the darn door myself!
    fly fly be free
    i cry!
    you will learn
    and you will see life!
    fly fly!
    take a chance!
    even if it be romance!


  • WyomingDiva

    I very much relate to this poem. I had a mother like this and it was a struggle to be free from her while at the same time responding to the ‘love’ that others offered me (so attractive.) Well written!

  • Alcina

    A story nicely weaved and narrated and a question put forth in a intelligent way..but it’s a bit hard to judge but i feel she should leave her cage..cause life is waiting for her to unfold and tell her mother how great that would be..


  • Paul

    Hey shoeless – this is fine, left me wondering if she did fly who would live in the cage she would probably make … cynical perhaps. Anyway keep experimenting with the different forms – enjoyed this one

    • shoelessboywonder

      Interesting thought, one i had yet to consider, hopefully the bird would learn a home is a home a cage is a cage….as of the answer i didnt have one and was looking for outsider input to help form it one day, should she be set free or be caged? some birds are better suited for either or.

  • carefreewanderer

    I can relate. I too have an extremely protective and controlling mother who has, up to this point always controlled our lives. It is true that one must be free to enjoy the pleasures and pains of life but sometimes, you are left wondering whether you should have stayed in that protected cage and not to go through so much suffering at such a tender age.In a way, I am grateful to my mother for protecting me the way she did when I was small as I was saved from the truckload of irreversible mistakes, heartaches that other kids my age had gone through at that specific juncture in their lives when we were too young to make decisions on their own.At this specific point in my life I am grateful to that while still struggling with my mother’s controlling behavior which is not so bad now since I am officially an adult ๐Ÿ˜€

  • thingy

    This is a great write, shoeless. Very deep. Makes me think about my own choices with my daughter.

  • ashbeezone

    Heyy nice 1 …
    A great take on mothers’ .. my favorite topic to describe …
    Here’s mine stuff !!!
    Happy Rally !!! XD

  • Jingle

    gaps always exist between two persons/generations.

    common ground ties the love, differences make life more enjoyable, because without argument or fights, things won’t be clear.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Cindy Eksuzian

    Great poem, with very realistic painful content. I hope it helps your dear friend. The compassion and realism are very evident in your creativity! God Bless!

  • Ginny Brannan

    Quite the story of overprotectiveness to the point of smothering. My good friend in H.S. with was kept under the thumb of her mom, and a very controlling step-father. First chance she got to date, she ended up pregnant, married to the father (a wife beater) then divorced, all in less than 18 months. At 17, on her own, quit school to raise her child. Happy to say her life turned around. We are still in touch, and is happy and has been doing wonderful for many, many years. It’s better to raise you child with love and independence than to force them to live within the confines of unrealistic rules. A very thought-provoking piece.

  • genebrother

    I did not see any weakness….
    As I read the flow was within
    I did enjoy this.

  • seabell

    Overprotection is a difficult theme, especially if extreme. Still you presented it very well.

  • Helena (Hey! Lena)

    I had a very hard time with my mother, and some rather bad memories, too. She had a dominating nature and was selfish but did protect us. I found that quite confusing at times – hurt us on one level and cared on another. It did my confidence no favours.

    There is so much I can relate to in your poem. You’ve captured the essence of the relationship brilliantly.

  • The Lonely Recluse

    This poem reminds me of Pink Floyd’s song “Mother”. At first I thought it was about an unloving mother, then saw it was an over protective one, and saw my folly of thought. Very clever transition between the two. The last line isn’t weak, and the use of non-rhyming stanzas has worked for you. It’s always fun to try a new style isn’t it?
    The Lonely Recluse.

  • Catie Eliza

    I am pretty much speechless at this, but it deserves more of a comment than that because it’s fantastic.

    Very moving, gripping, a tragedy that many could relate to… And you can sympathise with all the characters… I really hope for reconciliation where the free flight does not prevent the fledgling daughter from returning, but where making mistakes and experiencing delight and pain, and learning lessons is possible. xx

  • clariice

    I like the storyline. Almost like Rapunzel. To grow or not to grow, daughter decides.
    The last bit rhyme well though. Keep it up!

  • mkinchlow

    I enjoyed reading…great work!

  • Andy McDonald

    I can relate to this poem well. It is the reason I left home at 17, turning my back on higher education and sticking with a dead end job. I believe that if laughter is void in your life you forget how to cry – a small piece of my personal philosophy. Dammit you’ve just inspired me to write a poem on that philosophy (laughing). Great write, it really sent my mind wandering down memory lane in an analytical sense.

  • mitu

    what you wrote i do not relate to and i hope it is never true for anyone else either.

    Its a very beautiful piece and there is a music playing in each and every stanza ๐Ÿ™‚

  • bendedspoon

    Remarkable poem! This set-up is common to those have been hurt and hurting. They surrendered to fear thus no time to express love. Great job ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The Void « bended spoon

    […] Week 47, I nominate Shoeless Boy Wonder for his poem Mother’s Cage. Please check it if you are either a parent or a child — surely you must be one of […]

  • ALIVE aLwaYs

    very well written, it’s always a difficult choice when it comes to choosing “change”, for fear that you may end up where the other person is protecting you from, and of-course the love.

  • elainedanforth

    Thank you, Shoeless.

    This poem really speaks to me. I think the it reads really well, as it carries the story, conveys emotion, and has a very effective driving rhythm to it.

    I am not sure which stanzas you mean, when you refer to unrhyming ones, since I think they all at least have some kind of half-rhyme or quasi-half-rhyme in them. If this is your first try doing something different, I can see you may be unsure of it, but I think it really works.

    Elaine Danforth

  • Mr. Walker

    I think a lot of us can relate to your story. I know I can, that struggle between safety and security on one hand, particularly when you’ve been hurt – which is common for parents, as they don’t want the same hurts to befall their children – and freedom on the other hand. Thanks.


  • lizbethsgarden

    I enjoyed it although it is quite a sad story. I think the first & last stanzas are fine — in the last one, I see a quasi-rhyme as you end the first and last lines with the same word.

    To the people asking what a stanza is, I always think of it as a paragraph for a poem — one or more lines that make a group of their own within the poem — usually each one is set off from the others with an extra line of white space between each stanza.

  • Misz ฮผฮตฯ„ฮฑฮผฯŒฯฯ†ฯ‰ฯƒฮนฯ‚

    Very sad prose. I hope the girl is set free (has the courage to set herself free)in the end and re-unite with her love.
    Well written. Enjoyed it so much.

  • aynsley7

    Amazing story in a truly poetic manor.
    I would hope that she chose the guy.
    I can relate and know I would!

  • Fountains

    Gives the reader much to think about – I like that. Well done.

  • Leo

    I can relate to this in a way. My parents haven’t always been the “be free” types. I can understand the mother’s fear that the child might fall if away from her control, but I feel her pride of her child would be much heightened if she were to see her child fly in the open sky, with the flock. The child’s regret would only grow the more she is kept in cage. If the child is now old enough to realize that her regret would keep growing, then perhaps she can try to escape rather than lose more of her own peace of mind with anger against her mother building I think. The mother may understand the move later if she sees her child flying with confidence.

  • Tabitha Billiot

    This poem made me cry. I can relate to this poem in many ways. my mom was controlling but in a different way from this poem. The beginning of this poem touched me the most and towards the end. I seen you wrote this for a friend and i must say it was well written and couldnt get no better than how you said it. Its beautiful, shows the pain, and the troubles of life. Keep up the good work.

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