Drowning A Poet

Drowning A Poet

Shallow comments
Are like high tides
Washing away my words
Depressing short rides

Water soaked paper
Holds no ink
Yet some say nothing
But what others think

Unable to write an honest line
Saying things like I love it,
Or its clever and divine
Three words of meaningless shit

So like a Tsunami I shall come
To wash you clear out into sun
For one liners show you didn’t read
Now its time for you to run

Do not bother to comment on my blog
If you can’t figure out what I said
I am sick of living amongst your smog
It wont be long before the poet is dead

Drowned by the pointless pity
Feeling like a misty rain
A minor inconvenience you must put up with
So don’t bother to write in vain

A water stain on my perfect paper
Get a clue and beware my wrath
For if you don’t care then nor do I
Either way stay off my path.

You know who you are, but as rude as this may seem; deep down you know its true. That short comments are just a way quick way to get through the challenge, but since we are all writers you should know how it feels. A comment of substance stands out amongst the one liners, and to get a fellow writer’s respect you should show some yourself. So, if you can’t think of something to write that doesn’t consist of anything more than three or less words please don’t bother. I am tired of shifting through these shallow comments that don’t help me grow as a poet. I am also open to constructive criticism for it is the only way I can improve. So in the future if my writing doesn’t thrill you or cause an emotion let me know for that is a failure on my part and must be dealt with.


About shoelessboywonder

Poet and cook, I'm just starting out in the web world trying to grow a fan base for my poetry, it seems like its off to a good start and the site is also made for me to improve upon my writing skills so please rate and comment on the poems you like best, feedback is the greatest way to success thanks for checking me out and my site. View all posts by shoelessboywonder

25 responses to “Drowning A Poet

  • North Texas Haiku

    ok now i’m afraid to make comment.

    • shoelessboywonder

      Well I am sorry to hear that. Though my aggression may be miss placed its just that Comments like “fun write” and “lovely poem” are kinda redundant … This poem is to improve comments in the future and hope people may take in consideration what they have read to try and form a more substantial response for all their future comments on others blogs. For though short comments like those already mentioned, don’t encourage the poet, or help the poet feel that their words had an impact.

      It has just gotten tiring for me day after day not knowing if I am putting out garbage and should stop or if it is something that I should continue to persue comments like these day in and day out dont help me answer those questions. I mean like everyone I enjoy hearing from people I just would like to hear more, a real opinion.

  • Mr. Watson

    Ha, I think I’ll just click “like” ! Wish there was a “Love it” Button ! Lol

  • bendedspoon

    Brutally frank but you know those 3 words could be sincere and true. Peace and blessings to you 🙂

  • thingy

    Hmm… I’m afraid, too, but I shall carry on and give my pov. I don’t mind short comments, as long as I think the reader has actually read my work. It’s sometimes obvious when I have written something I think is serious and I get “LOL’s and “Haha’s” So, I understand how you feel, but giving encouragement with a few words doesn’t mean the person hasn’t admired your work.

    It’s also not in me to critique others. One, I’m not an expert. Two, I see others do it, and it makes me angry when they nit pic, rather than enjoying the words.

    • shoelessboywonder

      Well thanks for getting my point I am not one to rise to anger often and i admit it could be a fault of mine to do so in a fourm. I am just happy to have gotten my point across and others understand. Though I admit I might have been looking at this all the wrong way and for that I apologize but my opinion stands.Its just sometimes little comments that i can tell that someone didnt read my work gets under my skin and festers. Though i am better now that some at least understand my view and I will eventually remove my post all together it was just tantrum if you will.

  • mindlovemisery

    Honestly I am happy to receive feedback no matter the form, obviously the more thoughtful the comment the more it effects me on a personal level but even a simple good job is encouraging. I really just don’t have the luxury to be snobbish maybe if I had the skill to back it up. I don’t though and even if I did I am still grateful when people take a moment even if its a bit of an empty nice (something you can’t always be certain of). The thing that irritates me is when people politely suggest that I shouldn’t write about dark topics. I am unlikely to filter myself too much, I write for myself. I don’t always write long comments but I never comment on something I’ve not read fully. I admit to not connecting with every piece or even understanding as the writer intended but I like to provide encouragement because I think writing is a beautiful thing and I never want anyone to give up on something they love because they don’t feel they matter. I loved the title of your poem, brilliant. The emotion was biting and on the surface. You conveyed your anger in a beautifully written poem. Honestly I do think it seeks attention, demands it really (not saying that’s not a normal emotion or that I don’t engage in it myself). I don’t even know what to say sometimes, the more I am moved by a piece sometimes the shorter my comments. I end up with a good job because even as a writer I can be rendered speechless at times! Which is a good thing. Also I have a 3 year old, she doesn’t really want to wait for me to write paragraphs to 50 or so people a day! I wish I could write more proper feedback. I don’t even worry about meeting the quota for its own sake, I give feedback to competitions I am not even in regularly. Why the hell not? I enjoy reading poetry.

    • shoelessboywonder

      Well first off thanks for stating your opinion and explaining why you have it. That is what I have been searching for these past few weeks. Though several have done so many have not. It is just nice to get a full rounded response and a little insite as to why people dont spend the time to write a proper comment. Granted I may have more free time then some but I do keep busy myself with a two year old, work, and so on, So it may take me a few days to catch up with everyone but I do try to get around and leave comments to try and help the poet out of if i am blown away explain why i was so. Thank you for being honest and detailed comment you give me hope that I wont be turned into an outcast.

  • Lyn

    Meaningless ego trip…buh-bye!!

    • shoelessboywonder

      Alright I respect your opinion but could you tell me why it is meaningless? If not then why state that it is so. I dont care if you hate the subject matter as long as you tell me why Is that really so much to ask. I just want something I can work with to help grow as a poet.

  • Jesse S. Mitchell

    hey now, I like this. Good work.

  • Jingle

    you are right about one thing, READ before commenting,

    however, at times, it is impossible to agree with everything the other poet writes, upon this, we don’t criticize, but simply giving a reflective or beautiful thoughts alike comment, which is to be respectful, not to argue who is right or who is wrong.

    if we focus in disagreement or life’s differences, we could argue days and nights, no conclusion will be satisfied by all……….

    respect and encouraging is our goal.

    if you truly dislike a poet’s work, simply ignore or skip. we have hundreds of poets in the community, you can always find a dozen you truly like…………agree?

    no obligation to make meaningless comments, do enjoy a few that impress you.

    Thanks for the honesty.
    bless your writing and hope that you enjoy a productive day.

    • shoelessboywonder

      Well jingle as harsh as i may have come across I do not regret my actions, as a writer this is how I feel. Though i agree with you that we could argue till we each pass out blue in the face, that wasn’t my goal nor my intention. As you have said I am an honest person, and I know at least a few if not several have felt the way I have. I am not afraid of being the target of ridicule for my thoughts or beliefs, and will not shy away from potentially sensitive material. I do appreciate your poetry community and all the work you have done, I always have and always will. I however will not turn a bind eye, edit my blog, or change my views because someone might find it offensive Like you said if you don’t like it you don’t have to comment, there are tons of other poets in the community, Also I want to state this was not an attack on the community on the whole just those who choose to abuse it for personal gain and don’t want to do as requested. I do understand what you mean by “respect and encouraging” I do so when I visit another blog I always leave a respectful comment and I will not single out an individual and slander their name, that is not my place. But if I feel that something is wrong I will bring it to light…I strongly feel that since my return there is a great increase of non readers, or those not fully committed to the outline that you have set out. I do not know if you have a punishment system instated or anything like that and honestly that is not my business. Though if you ever need someone to be the fiery sword for any reason fill free to ask me, I have no problem in doing so. I wish you all the best and do wish to continue to in your community, but my blog is my blog.

  • Jingle

    a president only needs to win 52% votes, it does not matter how the other 48% thinks once he wins,

    life is full of unexpected rages, those 48% have to bear their anger and live normally for 4 years in the U. S…..

    I know you one year ago, you are talented, brave, and honest, these are beautiful quality.

    I am the similar person, yet, via life time experiences, I learn my lessons, honesty is good. smart folks don’t offend huge audiences…

    again, appreciate your participation.

  • Ryme Me a Smile

    I agree it can be frustrating to get short, non specific comments, but bullying isn’t the tactic I would choose to remedy the situation.

    • shoelessboywonder

      Well bullies disrupt the class, and maybe you think what I have done is crass but honestly sugar coating a problem is like puting a bandaid on a gut wound. It doesnt address the situation, though I agree my tactic may have been a little more rude than what was nessary but it got your attention now didn’t it, after you have visited my blog people now have a thought in their head, could be “how does he get the right to bad mouth people who the hell is he”, or “finally someone said something”. Doesnt matter I got a rise out of the community and “forced” people to put thought down in their responses, Like catching a kid stealing from the cookie jar they get angery at first or scared cause they know they got caught. I am young still and dont know much about the world but i was taught all my life never to half ass something you have passion for, I have passion for writing, mine, yours, a three year old, doesnt matter and in so doing I strongly believe that stating you like something and not stating why is not completing the task. even in school you always had to explain your answers, show your work, or tell them why? dont you think that was a lesson we should continue?

  • DLily

    Art is about expressing one’s feelings to be felt by others. Be it a positive or a negative feeling. And even if you don’t agree with the way Shoeless’ passion went with this poem, he still succeed in getting your attention and made you feel. Sometimes the truth hurts. And white lies can only get you so far. But really, it’s petty to leave comments clearly proving that you didn’t even bother to read the poem. It’s down right disrespectful. Respect the poets.

  • pure2core

    superb gr8! very nicely written.

  • luna15

    for me i am sorry that you feel that way
    because one liners are for me how I can say
    what i am feeling

    it is hard for me
    to write without rhyme
    when I work for jingle it takes a day out of time

    saying that I love your work
    is more for me
    than a quirk

    My brain stopped working
    the easy way
    way before today

    So when I say i love it
    I mean it
    it is true
    it is the only way i can say it
    without saying a poem
    back to you

    Or spending a whole day
    trying to explain how your words
    move me in an extraordinary way.


    • shoelessboywonder

      Well thank you my dear
      For your words I do hear
      It is but a mode of discussion
      Maybe even a mindless obsession

      That I feel the way I do
      Doesn’t matter the view if its true
      A real response is what I ask
      And it seems your up to the task

      Good or bad its all i need
      Maybe its just my little greed
      I hope one day write my career
      But not knowing why my works causes cheer

      Makes it hard to know where my strength may lie
      Though I don’t have the right to forcibly deny
      The beauty of simple simplicity
      Nor exist among idiocy

      I have now reached a new level on my path
      From which I need help to do the math
      And as frustration tends to grow
      Piss poor choices soon do show

      What of my writings hold true merit
      Against what could be considered shit
      Simple lines don’t tell me much
      When the reader seems out of touch

      I shall bring this up again real soon
      And hope you all see my side of the moon
      Though this next time shall be my last
      Opening our minds to each others contrast.


  • swanrose

    I came back to read this and the comments because of the following poem. I have to say I mirror so much of what mindlovemisery said, it would be redundant to comment further. Except to say I do enjoy views with no action at all. I just enjoy knowing my work is getting in front of people.

    • shoelessboywonder

      Though I it can be nice, though just because it was infront of them doesnt mean they read it….I just like to be sure my work was read and the comments that explain why lets me know what I need to focus on

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