Dear Parents

Dear Parents

In the past,
Your ideals stole
My feelings so vast
Under your pressuring control

As if my thoughts
Were the worst ever
My life is full of do nots
A life of perfect never

Never allowed to try new things
Never allowed to find my means
Never allowed to spread my wings
Never allowed to discover my dreams

Only allowed to meet your expectations
Only allowed to see your view
Not allowed to create exceptions
Not allowed to disobey you

I know its scary
I am an adult now
An my opinion may vary
As I learn how

How to stand up
How to walk my own path
How to grow up
How to move past your wrath

It’s not that I don’t love you
I do, its just time for me
To learn what I need do
For you to support me

Instead of holding me back
Instead of making my choices
Instead of focusing on what I lack
Instead of raising your voices

Take a minute and stand aside
Let me experience on my own
Without resentment inside
Making me feel alone

Thank you for the protection
Over these many years
Just don’t turn to rejection
If I confirm your fears

If I deviate from your needs
Rekindle my desire in dreams
You don’t have to follow where my road leads
Just don’t drown me in life’s shallow streams

Smile and wish me luck
Letting me go and roam
And if all goes to fuck
Please welcome me home.

Written for the children turning to adults who is parents have trouble accepting them how they are. We all do things our parents may disagree with as I am sure they did for theirs, but family ties should run stronger than ideals, and we should accept each-other for who we are, and become.


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