Jacks Last Hour (Jack and the Bean Stock)

Jacks Last Hour (Jack and the Bean Stock)


Some think its just too easy
Or that murder is just too cheesy
The plotting, the planning
My master is too demanding
No end to my trauma’s rage
Till I saw a goose in a cage
Producing riches beyond the imagination
With a keeper in need of assassination

The Tale

As my life is free of my will
My master, the Vulture, is too ill
To achieve his greatest goal
The return of his tormented soul
Longing for the source of his desires
Something to be after he retires
His last order for me to complete
To kill a giant and be discrete
Setting a gold laying bird loose
Also known as dear Mother Goose
The Giant’s castle in the clouds
Forms some impenetrable shrouds
Father Vulture Handed me some seeds
No bigger than the tiniest of beads
With swift instruction I left
Planting all but one on a rift
No sooner did the seed become covered
That a bean stocks growth was discovered
This stock was grown to a deadly vine
Piercing the sky of the divine
Slowly I climbed to the top
Feeling ill I almost drop
As vine poisoned the clouds above
I wonder if this was truly for love
Once at the top I could see
Thorns sticking out next to me
A very large door of stone
With an annoyance tone
I grab a hold of the castle rubble
Being careful not to stumble

Part Two

The Giant is approaching
I soon to be poaching
The door opened wide
As I decided to hide
The Giant storms out to my stock
As I climb into the door lock
With a quick mighty tug
He removes what once was snug
Screaming in pain from the toxic vine
Giving him much reason to wine
Walking back in, he slams the door
Off to the shower to clean his sore
Out of the key hole I now climb
To find what others find sublime
I found the goose and with a smile
Having realized the Giants going to be awhile
I released her locked cage
Explaining how I was sent by Father’s rage
Yet she remains unmoved by freedom
Trapped by terror’s fiendom
I run to the Giants washroom
Slipping under the door as he groomed
Blisters on his hands began to burst
Spreading the toxin making it worse
I grabbed my remaining seed
To punish the Giant’s Greed
Tossing the seed into the tub
Growing fast as he scrubbed
The poisoned needle like vines spread
Like heated butter over fresh bread
Gripping onto the Giants leg
Growing fast it covered his gauge
Soon began to expand beyond the tub
As the giant screamed and rubbed

Part 3

I took my leave
To again attempt to retrieve
Dear old Mother Goose
From terror’s deadly noose
Climbing up the table,
only to find her unable
To move yet again
I pleaded “come on I’m your friend”
The vines broke free of the giants tomb
Now with flowers beginning to bloom
The giant now only food for the plant
Causing the castle to violently slant
As it grew I became frantic
Slowly I too was becoming sick
The vine began to cover the floor, ceiling, and walls
I start pushing the cage till it falls
Mother Goose still remains frozen
As the flowers bloom by the dozens
Releasing a paralyzing sweet fragrance
As I shake off its power trance
This smell though is what brings Mother Goose around
Squawking ” why am I on the ground”?
I lead her to the window
Protected by a large black widow
The widow wont let us escape
Trapping the goose in its web like tape
Trying my best to free the goose
As the toxins are continued to be set loose
Breathing becomes a chore
As my death is surely in-store

Final Chapter

With my dagger of wolf bone
I cut free the goose to die alone
The widow attacks fangs digging in
My mind begins to slowly spin
As her venom slows my heart
I use my knife tear her apart
With my last bit of strength I open the window
Freeing the goose I collapse next to the widow
Mother Goose fly’s to parts unknown
As the room is finally over grown
The castle begins to crumble
As the sky beings to rain rubble
Covered in blisters unable to move
I am knocked down into a groove
Only to fall back to the earth
Wondering what it was all worth
Father Vulture lands next to me
“I couldn’t just let you live you see,
You had become even stronger than me,
And now that Mother Goose is free
There is no reason for you to be”.
Father Vulture flies away
Leaving me to decay
………..Though I didn’t die that day.



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