Can one speak truth of feelings unfelt
Of pain in a painless life
Like the anger coming from father’s belt
Or the bitterness of a love scorn wife

Can a man ever understand
How the nature of women works
Can a women ever comprehend
How men turn from knights to jerks

Some would say its impossible to know
How another’s attitude is so crude
For their past can never show
How they were once very screwed

How some feelings are stronger than others
Like a rape victim loves their unwanted gift
As children without loving fathers
Turn and must go adrift

How a lie can be better than truth
And truth can be worse than a lie
So do not envy any slooth
For on the inside they die

Grasping to understand in the mist
Of cloudy choices with no right or wrong
As if chained and bound at the wrist
The shackles will only bend to the strong

Is it possible to reflect another’s emotions
Without ever hearing their tail
Its like reversing air erosions
That made stone seem so frail

Well I say it is a possible feat
Though to do so could be a lie
For some may see a deciet
As others will respect those who try

No I can never feel the same as you
Though I can understand and respect
The world you live in and its value
So always be open to a new aspect


About shoelessboywonder

Poet and cook, I'm just starting out in the web world trying to grow a fan base for my poetry, it seems like its off to a good start and the site is also made for me to improve upon my writing skills so please rate and comment on the poems you like best, feedback is the greatest way to success thanks for checking me out and my site. View all posts by shoelessboywonder

3 responses to “Understanding

  • Ms. Queenly

    I think I understand the sentiment but I think the aim of the piece escapes me, remaining evasive and mistakable. Nice try!


  • shoelessboywonder

    Well thank you for your honesty, granted this is far from one of my gems more of a collection of random thoughts on a subject to vast for me to grasp at one time. If you are looking for a piece that is more exact try scrolling down my home page to “the Fool”. The message there is very clear. and thanks for stoping by

  • sarajanell

    I know you prefer comments with more sustenance but..I have my own copy of this!! I’m excited!!

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