Wolf’s Game

Wolf’s Game

It’s a bright day
Sun burns shadows to their source
All seek refuge from its ray
Dissipating from its tormenting course

Only one creature sits in view
His pale face beginning to rose
The lonely Little Boy Blue
Dried tears and snot from his nose

Indicate a long night of tears
As he realizes what he has done
He lied about their fears
So now he is the only one

Blood glistens in the light
From corpses hidden from sight
Killed the previous dark night
When the screams were tight

Lets journey back a few days
To Little Boy Blue in the fields
Back to his forgetful ways
When his punishment did yield

A wolf approached him one afternoon
With a swift warning of fearful gloom
That he would return very soon
The next time the clock hit noon

Little Boy Blue warned all he could
About the wolf and his plot
All the folks did as they should
But at noon the wolf was not

Grumpy the town sculled the boy
With a belt beaten bum
He returned to his fields of joy
Where the wolf returned to his chum

“Listen, Little Boy Blue,
Today I shall come for you
There is nothing you can do
So make it easy and remain in view”

The boy ran off towards the town
Telling them what the wolf had said
So all day they protected his crown
But the wolf never did come to collect his head

Whipped, Little Boy Blue was left alone
The wolf grinned brightly as he stalked
Chewing on little red Robbin hood’s bone
Finishing his meal he horrifyingly talked

“Alright my tiny lamb
Tonight I shall lay waste to this land
You will be damned
Your mind will wear my brand”

Little Boy Blue didn’t run
He remained still on a stone
Staring at the wolf in the sun
Till the wolf left him alone

Night finally did fall
Screams began to rise
Little Boy Blue could only stall
As the wolf stared straight into his eyes

“It is time you see
For me to leave you be
But be sure to remember me
For I will always be watching thee”

Blood glistens in the light
From corpses hidden from sight
Killed the previous dark night
When the screams were tight


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