The Man on the Hill

The Man on the Hill

I sit out on my porch smoking
Looking up at the man on the hill
Listening to the frogs croaking
As I feel a deep sudden chill

He stares back at me from his back yard
I look away trying to ignore his gaze
My eyes happen across a poker card
Suicide King covered in a dusty haze

Looking around I find more than one
Though all are the same king
I start collecting the unusual sum
Picking one covering a wedding ring

Perplexed and puzzled I begin to ponder
Looking back up the man on the hill is gone
Curiosity consumes me as I continue to wonder
Where he went and what is going on

Now I continue to collect these fragments
Each card covering something different
Jewelry, broken toys, glasses, and other mementos
Unable to figure out what it all meant

This wasn’t the first time I have seen the man
Almost every night he stands in his doorway at midnight
His frame and shadows reach out as if they ran
Down the hill and away from his horrible homes light

I can see cards leading up to his home
All over the hill side they are scattered
So I continue to carefully and defensively roam
Collecting the trinkets even though they are shattered

The closer up the hill I get the cards seem to change
The King’s start having blood coming out their heads
With each card I pick up the picture becomes deranged
As if creating a new and terrifyingly disturbing treads

What does this all mean?
What still needs to be seen?
Is this truly so siren
Soon to be ab-seen

I explore further as if entranced
With something deep inside
Wondering what I have just glanced
Seeing what this last card did hide

A finger lies rotting on the ground
I am unable to move from the shock of it
From behind me comes a swinging sound
A bat hits me beside my left eye socket

Down off to my side I go
Dropping all the cards and random things
As my blood begins to flow
I can one see a few unbloodied somethings

I see him take my pack of smokes
Dropping them on the ground placing a card on them
Returning slamming the bat into my throat I choke
Soon to be only a suicide king’s latest victim


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