The Devil’s Captive

The Devil’s Captive

There is a secret God keeps
This secret is about his daughter
A story that causes Angels to weep
For she was traded to the devil for slaughter

This tale never told before
Never to be told again
For God’s judgment was forever tore
Leaving his daughter to suffer in the end

You see Lucifer would not give up his fight
Continuing to wage his war on heaven
To end the God’s leadership of light
And destroy humanity’s undeserving haven

As God released his overwhelming might
Forcing Lucifer to be removed from sight
As Lucifer was being pushed by Gods smite
A child like angel tried to end their fight

Though this brave female angel’s act was good
The dark one like a serpent grabbed her
Combining his end with hers it was understood
If Lucifer would ever die so would God’s daughter

God with no other choice than to banish the both
The Devil though defeated had gained a prize
In his new realm he made a most horrific oath
That he would use her to cause man’s demise

Her innocence when she was young
Was used to corrupt the hearts of the honor
As the Devil’s words filled her tongue
He made sure their souls were forever goners

As his captive did grow and age
Her beauty and elegance did increase
As she forgot that she was caged
Her dreams of freedom would finally cease

Her wing slowly turned from white to black
Having become influenced by the Devil’s mind
Her pure soul was finally starting to crack
As she began to forget that she was confined

The Devil having used her for so long
Began to collect a following in humanity
Having warped enough people into the wrong
He could then manifest into their reality

Making deals and false promises
It seemed no man had the will to defy
Till a man arrived named Thomas
Standing before the Devil calling him a lie

Not believing anything Lucifer had to say
So, the Dark One came up with a plan
To make Thomas’s belief to begin to sway
He released his captive onto the land

Having been released once again
Yawning having done this many times
To corrupt the weak hearts of man
And force them to commit horrid crimes

She began to search for her newest prey
Wings concealed, she approached
As their eyes met she was filled with dismay
And Thomas would not be poached

He stood and asked her, only her name
Having nearly forgotten she responds” Abigail”
Thomas smiles softly and repeated her name
Hearing it after so long made her heart frail

Abigail for the first time began to feel love
Both receiving and giving
God continued his watch from high above
As Thomas and Abigail try to form a living

Lucifer waited, slowing becoming irritated
As he Devil waits, her hidden wings return to white
Her body, mind and soul are recreated
Angry,  the Devil demands her back one very dark night

Showing himself before the two in romance
Thomas mocks the Devil’s entrance
And the Devil says, “you have no chance”
Attempting to put them in a fear like trance

Thomas being easily drawn in
As Abigail revealed her white shining wings
Disrupting Lucifer’s gaze of sin
Her light denying all that the Devil brings

God slowly cracks a smile
As his forgotten daughter fights
Against the Devil’s defile
Grabbing Thomas she takes flight

Lucifer begins to give chase
As God himself makes an appearance
Disrupting Lucifer’s quickened pace
God wounding him with a holy lance

Gods greatest gift he could give
His daughters freedom long overdue
Giving her a chance to love and live
A chance to find something forever true

Once the Devil is forced to retreat
God finds Abigail and gives her mortality
Her past sins he would now delete
Now she could make her own happy reality.

Hello world any of you that are religious unlike me, i just want to let you know that i am not trying to infringe upon your religious beliefs or anything just had an idea for a story and this marks my longest poem. So please take the time to judge this as a poetic story and nothing more :).

My nomination is Dancing freak


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