Lover’s View

Lover’s View

His view

School had started for my fourth year
I had made a new special honest friend
Who would be herself till the very end
Though after awhile my heart had a message to send

With a growing heart it filled with fear
As my interest was beginning to be seen
By my friends who can see past my strongest screen
Her sweet affection could be my fear’s vaccine

Her view

There is something forming in my heart
A small man with humor and rap
Who isn’t fake or full of crap
Fills my heart with lovers tap

The paintings we share could be the start
Time alone lets me know his intention
He doesn’t do well hiding his affection
But for some reason he has my attention

His View

How do I tell her my crush, my loves ordeal
For telling her could destroy this friendship so dear
Letting her know I could be the one to hold her near
That in front of her I could shed my hardest tear

For we are both people that are indeed real
So being fake hiding my feelings wasn’t me
That together our hearts would be free
That no matter what I would never flee

Her View

I don’t know what to make of this man
Telling me his heart is so easily had
He is just a friend is that so bad
There might be more, could this be grand

I need some time to see whats began
Knowing I had some feelings for him too
Could this be loves dearest clue
Would he be forever faithful and true

His View

I don’t know who to trust
A friend says she is taking me for a ride
So I will not give her a chance to hide
Nor giving my confusion a chance to subside

As my words fill with disgust
My drunken stupor can not be reasoned with
As I am explained to that its a myth
My confusion being to subtract forthwith

Her view

His words just spark some anger
How could he say I wasn’t true
Knowing me and all I’ve been through
I liked him a lot this is all I knew

I more or less calmed his drunken stagger
My feelings hurt he left me alone
For me to figure out everything on my own
That I deeply care for you and the tears you’ve shown

His view

Having had my dreams realized
When her lips hit mine I was full of butterflies
I will always feel them when we kiss without any lies
Her love for me is all I need to ever summarize

Her view

With our kiss I was hypnotized
My heart rang out that this was right
That I always wanted him in my sight
And to go to bed with him every night

Based on a true story and A poem dedicated to a friend and his new found girl friend who was so kind to let me know her view to go along with his. Have a great life together friends, I wish you two the best

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