Ashly~Thursday poet rally post


The opening for this story is a tragic setting,
Little girl is alone at the playground
With tears in her eyes and a frown
No one knows that she’s around

She rises from the swing where she was sitting
Holding a stuffed cat, in a dirty school uniform
She begins to walk to avoid the approaching storm
Trying to remember thoughts of when she was warm

Lonely she decides to slowly roam
Down the street by a big oak tree
Trying to remember thoughts of glee
To forget thoughts of ” why always me”

With a sigh, a tear, she heads home
The clouds begin release to rain
She looks down to avoid it’s shame
As water seeps in and begins to stain

Stepping onto the bridge to cross the river
Raising her head to see no one there
Water dripping down from her hair
A tear follows from her empty stare

Her gaze returns down as she begins to shiver
having now passed the growing stream
Pausing a moment she releases a scream
No one hears, no distant bright car beam

The house comes into view down the street
Her pace slows as she wonders to the house
Steps no bigger than that of a baby mouse
standing before the door in her dirty blouse

As the rain continues its steady beat
She walks through the scorched door
Across water soaked ashy floor
Into her blackened room, the house’s core

My nomination is “All I Asked” By The world as I see it


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Poet and cook, I'm just starting out in the web world trying to grow a fan base for my poetry, it seems like its off to a good start and the site is also made for me to improve upon my writing skills so please rate and comment on the poems you like best, feedback is the greatest way to success thanks for checking me out and my site. View all posts by shoelessboywonder

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