We Interrupt the Program

We Interrupt the Program

“We interrupt the program to bring you a shocking report
We take you live down to the highest supreme court
Where the alien dictator has just moments ago arrived
Blowing up the building and now we wonder if anyone survived”

Johny- “This may be the last broadcast I will ever make
Walking is hard as the earth seems to have a never ending quake
The windows of the buildings all round are breaking, raining down glass
Deep cracks are forming all over in streets, sidewalks, and patches of grass
I have yet to see anyone else on the scene since we started recording
Oh, duck down, It seems another alien spacecraft has landed and is unloading”
Quietly as the camera continues to roll and Johny and his camera guy Ron, hide
Patiently waiting for the commotion out side to steadily subside
Johny in a whisper ” The earth has stopped its shakes as if knowing of their landing
This to be the most horrific and yet most terribly outstanding-”
The air force swoops in dropping a series of bombs on the landed air craft
Ducking for cover are reporter and his one man crew cower beneath a broken shaft
The bodies of the invaders lie everywhere but are they all dead we are not sure.
Johny shouts having now been deafened” Wow, holy shit, with this smoke its all a blur.
We are going to wait here for just a moment folks to let the smoke clear.
Then try and get a better picture of what has happened here.”
The camera slowly rises over the cusp of their cover
As a gentle breeze slowly flies in to the smoke and over
There was just the sound of fire cracking in the back ground
As the camera viewed all the bodies thrown around.
These were not little green men, nor gray skinny people with big heads,
They looked like a more advanced human, with blueish hair and dreads.
Walking forward towards the blown up UFO, it seemed more identifiable
“It looks like we are the only ones still alive” Johny pitches in all reliable
“These invaders, look just like us, what is going on? We are going into the space ship
“There is a smell coming from inside, smells like, gas, fuel?” his voice cracks as he gets a grip
Looking around the “ship”, he finds all sorts of space age equipment
It all looked familiar and he wondered what it meant.
“Folks I hate to say it, but I don’t think these are alien beings
Everything is more complicated, its more troubling than it seems
I am no doctor or biologist but they seem to be people, Humans?
Just look at this” pointing down at a body bleeding red blood, he was acumen,
For these were humans, people, a person on the ground bleeding
Everything this means is we are the aliens here for breeding,
“I see no women, just guys, men, what is the meaning of this?
Could this mean that we are the only aliens that do exist?”
Suddenly a bright light comes up from the entrance behind them
And a grenade is chucked in to forever condemn, these two fearless men

” Sorry about the technical difficulty someone hacked the air waves
And there is no  need to worry those are not people in shallow graves.
The people responsible for putting these lies will be dealt with promptly.
We shall return you to your regular scheduled programming shortly.”


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