From one Poet to Another

From one Poet to Another,

Stunting growth, full of disrespect
For people trying a different aspect
Relax, back off, this is no way to be
People work to improve, can you not see
Jealous Fool with a hand in his pocket
Wanting to be punched in his left eye socket
You have no right to judge, nor be rude
No right to forcefully intrude,
Bash another’s work for your own pleasure
This is indeed terrible by any measure
I guess I am not so different from you
I just thought you needed some sort of clue
Criticism is alright, but don’t go egging on a fight.
For you never know who may be there
Hiding in the shadows, who might hear,
You have written many works and should be proud
This does not give you the right to voice the crowd
Its fine to love and amenability admire
As long as you don’t become obsessed with desire
So, sit and think about what it is you want say
If you fail express correctly then you’ll be in a fray
You never want to be on the end of an attack
Expectationally when no one has your two faced back
Listen learn, watch out for how you yearn
I am not here to hold you back or be stern
Just let you know your are nearing the line
Starting to rust rather than brightly shine
I have taken notice of your negativity
Full of obsessive, cruel, thoughtless, creativity
I will no longer speak on the subject and hand
For I myself did make my stand
Which is this, re-frame from downing another in your work
Or forever be known to my readers as a thoughtless jerk.

I am not one to pick a fight, but nor am i one to let someone attack anyone else individually for self gain, that isnt some major political figure or such. Also a dear friend of mine wont be targeted by minor or major insults, its not polite, and i will protect them as long as i live in whatever form or forum I can. To the person this is addressed to, i wish to not write another, i wish you not to edit your blog, just don’t continue you series of rants that is continuing to get more crude as it goes. Its not a nice look for your talent, I do not wish to continue writing hate or attacks so lets just end it here, you received the acknowledgment that your actions have been viewed so lets just leave it at that. Good luck to you and future success.

This week I nominate…Shanellis good luck buddy


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