Words from his Poetic Soul

Words from his poetic soul

Response to Beth’s Ten Kisses,

A kiss is bliss,
Passion, or compassion
A kiss, not amiss
Is never out of fashion

Response to Beth’s Can’t see it can you

Beth is your name
We both share the rhyming game
Depression may cause us fame
To be apart is just a shame

Friends for now
maybe more later
If you would allow
We could be greater

Till next time
Read this rhyme
And you will find
I have you in mind,

Written in response to Beth’s To put it simply, I just want you…

X Rated

Love me here, Love you there
Hearts together see the clear
As our passions bring us near
My heart can again beat
Now no longer in defeat
Together under our sheet
Gentle rubbing of your feet

My hand will rise
Between your thighs
To sensationalize
All my soul does devise
Followed by my lips
Just above your hips
As you body does eclipse
My tender finger tips

A strung out moan, a tender bite
the friction between bodies is tight
Throughout each and every night
I always want you in my sight
This is only the beginning
Our life together new inning
This new joy is never ending
Our hearts are no longer pending

You show me your trust
in our bed of lovers lust
With my passionate thrust
Into your parted bust?
Sweat drips down
From your god like crown
Soaking in bed all around
For only our passion can be found

Response to Beth’s Knowing you / Angels Exist

You have it all wrong
This my loving song
I am a devil, you are the saint
You have the words that make me faint
You are my angel amongst the demons of woe
Bringing us together when I was solo
Your touch has the power to purify
everything i once did deny
For i was never worthy of such extravagance
Of words and feeling that can enhance
My heart, My Mind, My soul
Making me forever whole…


Praying for sleep to gently creep
Behind my eyes, After my cries
A running mind, Lost from mankind
I see sunset, I see it yet
I can’t rest with it, My thoughts just wont quit
Counting the tiles, Adding to memory files
Worries plague me still,Losing my sense of will
Light from sunrise, Realize my demise
Tossing and turning, My eyes are burning
Open or closed, Im exposed
To sleepless nights, To endless sights
I just want to rest, From pains in my chest
completing this task, is to much to ask
Crawling out of bed, Another day on the thread
Of losing everything, Of becoming nothing
Wearing myself out, With a wish to shout
To finally scream, No chance to dream
Facing the world today, With a mind’s dismay
I can no longer live this way, Stuck in my sleepless fray

Part of a letter.

Now for something for you. I wish to learn more about you, see you, touch you, be with you. You are my new drive, excitement, and world. You are the tip of the mountain and life is the journey to climb to heavens to be with you. You are not in site, though I will dream of you this night. Its only a matter of time, though the fact that there is so much of it is a crime. The days have started on my new mission in life, I have found my reasons for my strife. Where my life is going, my heart is over flowing. The future is at hand, and together we shall stand.

Take care, Far from despair,
For my heart is yours to share,

Being blunt, Is my stunt, I do not shunt. The truth is all we can grab, It is our only rehab, from the lies, the goodbyes, the failed tries. Everything that i can derive, is you make me alive, give me a will to strive, for a new start, far from flying dart, with the target being my heart.

3:14am letter

A journey before me, Going to a past ti see
A son I may never understand, In my hearts bitter waste land
I shall write while I am away, Of all my reasons why I shouldn’t stay
To be sure I return to you on time, To read any of your gentle rhyme
So you can lift my heart out of the dirt, carefully brushing off the hurt

Before I departed letter

Beth, my delicate flower
Over you I may tower
But only together does our love have power
To stop the rain cloud’s endless shower
Romance, romantically dissolves
All the pain our past involves
Trust, Loyalty, Honor and Respect
Is all I will give and ever expect

My return

Home again Home Again, to my dearest friend
My friend who made my broken heart start to mend
Who’s sweet words claim my disgruntled soul
Making my parted spirit become whole
Where are you my sweet princess
I need your lips so i can caress
Hold you close from now till we die
Till forever if i can, that is no lie
Grow old together with hands inseparable
With hearts healed, held and stable

Poetic Response

Have i told you lately that you have my heart?
That you have had it from the humble start
That i want you, to want me forever
For us to never be forced to sever
For distances between to never be seen
Because together we can beat any fiend
Separated we may be forced to cower
But together we have untold power
To beat all odds we may have to face
And never disturbed our concurring pace

Calming response

Well Beth who my heart does own,
Who lives where she is far from me
Though she is never ever alone
For together we will always be


I will never deny
Your right to fly
To me, from me
In me, Thus-ly
Nothing more
Not in store
Now do take care
My maiden’s fare

Here is the link to the second part or Beth’s side of it all 🙂 the Poetic women who has captured my heart with her elegance, and perfection with words http://doubtfulpoet.wordpress.com/category/poems-home/


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