A Statement, A Point, A Stand

A Statement, A Point, A Stand

I am the man of pointless rhymes
Explaining peoples hardest times
I know I am not the best rhyming writer
I just hope to make views brighter
Help them realize that others have felt their pain
Lesson their depression and living bane
The world is full of people in all its corners
Almost all of them are self believed loners
Just in need of an out stretched hand
To help them up and steady their stand
There are others of course who are blind
To all the evils that plague mankind
For reasons of protecting themselves,family or ideals
Because they wish to appeal to only the good  deals
I may not have the right to show them the ugly side
But this world is in the condition it is because they hide
The masses never help themselves because its to “hard”
With the internet, t.v. and video games our brains are now lard
Easily to be controlled with fear, forgetting how to be sincere
We all know the issues that are here
Yet we continue to let them persevere
In our personal lives and the lives of others
From self pity, rape, starvation, and single mothers
People dieing from not having water
To suicide watched troubled daughters
Humanity is just very very ill
Its something that wont be fixed by any pill
It will take patients, and strength of will
Acts to make a difference, and deny defiance
Major break troughs in the belief of science
Understanding and working together
Which wont happen in a world that’s bitter
We all need to make our demands and not settle again
Make up our minds and stick with it till the end
Choose a better life for ourselves individually and as a whole
To better the planet, humanity, our bodies mind and soul
Make a future worth living possible for the next generation
Stop letting a few men in charge cause our own degeneration
To make sure they understand that our wills shall be answered
That we wont put up with our own or their ideals of absurd
There is nothing more I can try to say
I am only one man living his own way
Trying to make a better world how he can
Writing my poetry is my only sound plan
Good luck to you and the people you care
Lets join together to make a world that’s fair.


About shoelessboywonder

Poet and cook, I'm just starting out in the web world trying to grow a fan base for my poetry, it seems like its off to a good start and the site is also made for me to improve upon my writing skills so please rate and comment on the poems you like best, feedback is the greatest way to success thanks for checking me out and my site. View all posts by shoelessboywonder

3 responses to “A Statement, A Point, A Stand

  • Jaymie

    “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” -Malcolm X

  • sandman

    “Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Mahatma Ghandi (I believe). I think you are doing that excellently Shoey, your poetry has more of an impact than I think you realize. Keep writing, keep striving, and someday we’ll belong to a better place.

  • Jamie Dedes

    Making the world better one poem at a time, eh.

    Listen, your link for Rally doesn’t work. Need to do it again. You linked in a comment and fhat won’t come up and I’m sure it’s not what you meant anyway. Good luck!

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