Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

My daughter had come home from school
Telling stories of what is new and cool
How she met a boy that was full of charm
Which of course caused some faint alarm
Daddy’s girl was all grown up
Far from her old sipping cup

We had a lovely day
Walking down the way
Of her precious childhood
Of my proud parenthood
Teasing her of her former years
Talking of those great joys and tears
How I was still your number one man
That I am still her number one fan
She laughed at my bad jokes
About a frog and why it crocks

We had a nice home made dinner
I remarked on how she was thinner
Saying that she needed to eat much more
She said “we’ve been through this before”
After dinner was over we walked to the door
As the rain outside slowly began to pour
I gave her my biggest uplifting hug
She smiled saying I squished her like a bug

Telling me she would call once she returned home
I closed the door and began to slowly roam
I feel asleep in my chair by the phone
In my big empty house all alone
Soon to be shocked by the sunrise that would bring sorrow
That she was here today, and will be gone tomorrow

Hello Thursday Rally Peeps hows it going? my nomination this week is Doubtful poet

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