Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Robin Hood (revised~ or possible part one to the other one)

Gather around my children and don’t complain
I have a story to tell so let me explain
There was once a young lady,
Who’s family was very shady
They beat and raped her many times
Never being punished for their crimes
Her grandmother was the only one that was kind
When she could she would help her out of that bind
Her grandmother had the most beautiful white cape
She would wrap Robin up in whenever she could escape
Rocking her to sleep on troubled nights
Clearing off her tears and tragic fears
The wolf would hear the abuse every day
Watching her try to run far away
Follow her to grandmothers house
In nothing but a torn blouse
He felt sorry for her, the evil beast
Decided he would use her for a feast
One night when Robin managed make herself free
Her brother started to chase her but lost her behind a tree
As she slipped away to her sanctuary from pain
The Wolf to the brother did show and explain
Once Robbin had to return to that terrible home
Her brother grabbed a hatchet and hit grandma on the dome
He preceded to chop her up in little pieces
Giving her blood plenty of spots of releases
Grandmas blood flowed onto the white cape that healed
That cape that acted as if it was a great shield
It was turned a bright crimson color
By the brutality of the baby brother
Leaving the hatchet behind he did depart
The wolf smiled having done his part
Later that night She did sneak out again
To go visit her grandma and only friend
The wolf waited patiently for her to arrive
When she found out grandma was no longer alive
Falling to her knees she began to cry
The wolf spoke up to tell her how and why
Leaving out his in involvement of course
Making sure she knew her bother was the source
Her mind finally snapped as she understood
Gabbing the hatchet and now bloody red hood
She walked back to her home of hell
As if in some kind of vengeful spell
Kicked in the door and murdered everyone there
Covered up in that red cape she killed and didn’t care
Dropping the ax as she departed towards town
The wolf could not wear a fake frown
This clever disturbing beast,
Just insured himself a feast

My version of “Little Red Ridding Hood” Comes from the traditional version of the “Little Red Ridding Hood” Nursery Rhyme, no copyright infringements implied, Original ideas and content date back to the 18th century, to view the original works please go to


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