Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty

It was a rainy nasty night when the detective arrived
At a bloody and sick scene where no one had survived
Bloody bodies were strung all about,
As he told the cops to get “the hell out”
Examining the crime scene he could conclude
How this all happened and what was the mood
Walking over to the beaten middle aged wife
Who had been stabbed many times with a knife
Kneeling down next to the body he began to examine
The torso which was flayed like that of fresh salmon
This was done while she was still alive
Though this was the best he could derive
A growing horrid aroma filled his nose
Causing him to be dizzy and gag as he rose
Covering his nose he crossed the bloody floor
Arriving at the burnt chard and busted door
Opening the door he entered the children’s bed room
The children were sleeping when the fire did consume
Though something was out of place in this ashy space
Foot prints by the door this complicated this twisted case
Who came in after the room was put out, and why?
He took a closer look at the clue and figured a guy
Had left this size of print in the thickened dis-settled ash
Exiting he was careful of his clue not to disturb or smash
There was now a faint black trail that lead upstairs
Along the wall of the stair well were many prayers
The trail led him to another room, with a sign that said baby
His heart sank as he became distraught oh god I hope just maybe
Hanging from the rafters was the corpse of a new born
Tears formed in his eyes as he fought the urge to mourn
The trail had stopped no further than what he had stepped
There was a tissue on the ground indicating someone had wept
Walking out of the room to see another door was open an inch
Opening the door to the master bed room he did give a flinch
All that was left of a mans head was his tongue and jaw
This was done by the work of a shotgun not any plan saw
The shot gun had fallen on the floor next to a note
That the man who no had a head must have sadly wrote
The detective picked up and with a bit of dread
He would never forget what he had just read
“My name is Humpty Dumpty and I can home today
to my family home and life in total disarray,
Everything I had ever loved was stolen from me
I am sorry, but I wouldn’t live that way you see.
I had to be with my family again so wont you please
Find who did this to our life so we can all rest with ease”

Well life is never easy when your a detective now is it….no clues to go off of now huh >.>I am sure sooner or later ill print who did this and why. Till then you’ll just have to sit there and guess as to who hurt the Humpty Dumpty family…. All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put humpty dummty’s family together again  😀

My version of “Humpty Dumpty” Comes from the traditional version of the “Humpty Dumpty” Nursery Rhyme, no copyright infringements implied, Original ideas and content date back to the 18th century, to view the original works please go to


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