Guys In a Bad Mood

Guys In a Bad Mood

If a guy has a bad mood
He can’t help being rude
Heaven forbid he talked to any girl
No offense but they make anger swirl
Demanding answers right away
Getting mad when he doesn’t say
Back off for ten minutes please
Give him a chance to come at ease
We all have our ending limits you see
Sometimes is just best to leave it be
Even after a guy calms down his fuse is short
He will continue to be a terribly bad sport
Its like playing with dying fire
It can easily climb up even higher
So words that add pressure are like log
They wont help clear his thickening fog
So just leave it be till he is ready
This will make everything very steady
What more can be said, Let him go to bed
If a girl has caused his bad mood
With continued talking your screwed
Intentional or not, let him think
Let him have a stiffened drink
It can only help at this point
Don’t try to further disappoint
He will understand it wasn’t on purpose
In time he will let go of it without a fuss
So please leave a man alone when he is mad
And in the end you will be far from sad
He will hold you tight and give his release
Then he will finally be able to have his peace

HEY EVIL NURSERY RHYME FANS: Humpty Dumpty will be ready for viewing on the 12th so be ready its really something else :D. More are soon to follow as well don’t forget to leave your rating and comments feed back is the only way I know I am getting better šŸ˜›


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