The Gingerbread man

The Gingerbread man

The Gingerbread man
Does all he can
He was addicted to a very fast drug
This special powder made him smug
Giving him the energy to run
So he did just for some fun
His nose red by irritations
Full of gooey lacerations
He would yell as he speed on by
“Cant catch me cause I am so high”
On one joyous jog without delay
He ran into a rabbit snow day
The rabbit very jealous of his fun
Decided to try to ruin his run
Sent a rain cloud after him
Though he ran and did spin
The rain cloud was very slow
Cause every foot it had to snow
He easily beat the rain could
Next he saw an evil wolf crowd
Snorting more of his powder
He began to scream much louder
He again did yell as he speed by
“Cant catch me cause I am so high”
The evil wolfs angered by his yell gave chase
But could never close in on his quickened pace
As the sun began to set
A fox with rocks he had met
The fox thought himself very clever
Could used some rocks for an endeavor
Offering the Gingerbread man a test
To see which drug was truly the best
Suggesting to the gingerbread man a trade
So he could run off with his  much higher grade
The gingerbread man did agree
Trading with the fox for free
The fox tried what the gingerbread man had, had
With his shit eating grin he did won and was glad
The fox took off as with a quick goodbye,
“Cant catch me cause I am so sly”
The Gingerbread man now has a bunch of rocks
While the fox ran off and hid in an ugly box
Tried to follow the tricky fox
Could not see him hide in the box
Night began to fall and he was getting tired
Getting down on himself for what had transpired
He heard a dark voice come from a crack in the ground
The Gingerbread man was puzzled by the sudden sound.
He could feel the withdraws coming full swing
As the voice said he could offer something
Some little grains of a mysterious sand
The Gingerbread, desperate, held out his hand
The Sandman gives him a dastardly much-needed fix
The Gingerbread man does fall for anther’s tricks
Snorting up the sand so very quick
He suddenly feels so very very sick
Laying down to steady this new drug
He could feel a cold hand give him a tug
Up into the air he had went
He fell asleep then was spent
The Sandman had received another treat
Something tasty and  yummy to then eat

Drugs are bad, this was made for as a reminder to this fact and to the power that addiction can hold.  It will be the end of those who have let it take hold.  One way or anther.

My version of The Gingerbread Man” Comes from the traditional version of the “The Gingerbread Man” Nursery Rhyme, no copyright infringements implied, Original ideas and content date back to the 18th century, to view the original works please go to


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