Kansas (My Opinion)

Kansas (In My Opinion)

Kansas is where the old go to die
Where meth-heads rule and go aria
Religion runs every little thing
Where the people are just string
The young suffer from the old’s point of view
So they become rebellious and askew
Cows and wheat offer no activity
So they are lost to their creativity
Obsessed with art and music that will never catch on
They are fueled by the shitty low grade drugs their on
Killing things becomes their fun
Shooting up while on the run
Full of alcoholics who rag on weed
Getting pulled over by cops on speed
Forcing religion into their growing schools
Raising their children into fools and tools
Who are to close minded to see the truth
That everyone is lying through their tooth
Though the young adults have some hope
If they are not pushed to the end of their rope
By the soul sucking plains that ravage their heart
Pulling their fears closer and dreams apart
Doctors who don’t know what they are doing
Fields full of marijuana that is growing
Summers to hot to play a live show
Winters windy and cold with random snow
Nature is the only thing Kansas has right
The starry clear sky’s in failing light
Hills and valleys covered in random color
Random flowers growing by one another
Yet the beauty is failing every spring,
Less birds go there to attempt to sing
When once you could see the horizon in the distance
You now see windmills and oil for a difference,
Farmers forced by hard times to sell their land
While some say they will make some kind of stand
Though no one will do what they say
For Kansas will never find its way.


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Poet and cook, I'm just starting out in the web world trying to grow a fan base for my poetry, it seems like its off to a good start and the site is also made for me to improve upon my writing skills so please rate and comment on the poems you like best, feedback is the greatest way to success thanks for checking me out and my site. View all posts by shoelessboywonder

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