The Hatchet

The Hatchet

A house lies abandoned in a forest of terrors
The house was once full of horrors
Dried blood remains on the floors
As claw marks are etched in the doors

Bones bare of flesh, litter the scene
Skulls are scattered among the collections
Giant cracks leave them each in bisections
Three total left without protection

A reddened hatchet lies on the floor by the entrance
It was once sharp and new
Now its purpose is askew
Its the reason blood did spew

A man stumbles onto the dwelling
Announcing his arrival he sternly knocked
Entering in he was truly shocked
Finding such a fine ax in good stock

Lifting it up he licked the blood off it,
“Surely” he thought,” this will make a nice sale”
The hatchet longed to swing and impale
It’s edge eagerly shines waiting to assail

The man looks around at the faded carnage
Taking an other interesting piece
He leaves and returns to his niece
Who often was seen wearing elegant fleece

Pretty in face but ugly in mind
She watched over his humble store
Lost in local gossip and lore
Never minding any other chore

The man looks around at what isn’t done
He gripped the ax so very tight
It turned his eyes red and knuckles white
With a swing the ax did bite

Her arm and the elbow fell to the floor
She screamed as her blood did flow
Her screams caused his rage to grow
With more swings her juice does slow

Hacked to pieces she becomes still
He smiles a bit before continuing to chop
Laughing at her former remarks of “stop”
Clueless he looked around as the ax did drop

Screaming in horror over what had happened
Apologizing as he remembered what he done
He picked up pieces all the while stun
Knowing he would soon have to run

He cleaned the ax and placed it for sale
Before he dug his niece a shallow grave
It was after he freshened the store he shaved
Once finished a customer arrived with a wave

The customer was requesting an ax
His family needed to build a shed
Wonderful the owner thought in his head
Offering up the ax which had caused such dread

The customer with a smile paid in full
With the ax the customer did leave
The store owner began to grieve
Carelessly whipping snot on his sleeve

His eyes of tears soon turned red
As the ax made its way to a new home
The shopkeeper packed up everything alone
Forever he will be doomed to purposely roam

The Eye of a Rose

The Eye of a Rose

By Shoeless B. Wonder

The eye of a rose
Sees futures untold
Treasures it keeps
Wrapped in it’s inner folds

When it first appears
It’s nothing more than a hole
Inside it’s beauty held
Till its strong enough to show it’s soul

As time goes by
It’s petals do fall
The secrets come in view
Slowly revealing them all

Once there is nothing left
It’s color’s darken till they fade
The eye will turn and look down
Displaying  nothing but shade

Numb to Death

Steady are my days of solitude
Constant stream of nothing’s wrong
Still nothing is right to conclude
Now wondering if this was me all along

Age has made a stronger will
Thoughts have dried my quill
Life buried my sense of passion
Love has left this soul ashen

To work, To home, I don’t feel alone
For friends are a temporary tone
Though company isn’t ever a concern
As time forgets to let them return

Blank ambition for a tired mind
Leaves not one thing to find
It became clear to me instead
That as a whole, I am dead.

Chapter 13: Darkness Falls

A  drunk stricken in fear bursts open a taverns door of a small village near the mountain range. The town was known for being the last place to pick up supplies before heading towards the mountains. As well as the first place to rest after leaving the mountains. The town had only about 30 locals a few cottages, a market, with and inn, and a temple dedicated to Hermes. Finvilla was the name chosen for the town by the travelers long ago, but the locals call it Haven.

Drunk,”The DEAD are walking this way.” The drunk was wearing a torn up shirt well aged and stained with pants that the buttons had broken on years of drinking prior. They stayed on by the grace of a thin bit of twine tide slightly to tight around his waist the race of the man could have been a human at one point but years of drinking caused his skin to look worse for wear.

Bar keep,” quit your nonsense, we are not running out of here again for a false looming danger so you can raid the place….not this time fool me three times shame on me…fool me a fourth…shame on you. ”

The drunk stumbles a bit before crashing into the counter of the bar panting heavily.

Drunk,” You have to believe me everyone they are coming from the across the mountain divide.” He reaches out to grab the inn keeper and pull him close as Argos, Kross, Ash and Snowy huddle around a table near the fire overhearing the commotion. Cecil is no where to be seen and Kross had gone in search of him around the town twice with no luck in locating him. Snowy begins to shiver at the thought of walking dead as Ash begins to get angry at the drunk whom is scaring her sister.

The Bar Tender pushes the drunk off of himself, causing the drunk to fall and crawl his way over to the table where our heroes gather. Snowy scoots her stool over towards Agros as Kross brings forth a cruel look of curiosity. The drunk manages to crawl his way up the table looking at the group.

Drunk,” Hurry save the children…Run before the dead our upon us.”

Argos, ” believe me, they can handle themselves you should make your way to your chambers and sleep it off.”

Kross,” Army of walking dead perhaps our healer has gone to try and take them on solo. ”

Argos, ” I doubt it, though he is one to do things on his own I believe he would have informed us,” he says as he pushes the off the table and causes him to fall down next to Ash


Snowy,” SHHHHH….he….is…..right there ” Points in heightened alarm.

The drunk crawls over to Ash trying to use her stool to steady himself. As she brings her metal clasped fan down solidly on the top of his head. Causing the drunk to grumble loudly and sober up a moment from it looking up at ash his eyes begin to water as the appearance of relief fill his face.

Drunk,”Ash?…..” He says before looking over at Snowy,” Snow?…… God is…it…you…..?  ” tears now pour down his face. In broken sobs he wails apologies, in between drunken stupors.

Ash,” How do you?….Wait…ARGO”

Snowy,” Ewww…the smelly guy knows our names…I think I am going to be sick….I am too young to have a stalker. ”


Argo,” Sir I think we would like you to explain how you know these two now…rather than later. ”

Kross,” How about we start with a name…and go from there.” Kross has his hand on his blade but its hidden by the table. Unsure of what to make of this stumbling fool and how he is connected to the two elf children.

Drunk,” I am Chuck….my friend Grindle and I were left in charge of them till a purple haired mute stole them from us. ”

Argo,” Purple haired mute?”

Snowy,”Left in charge of us ?”

Ash,”Who would leave us in a drunk’s care?”

Kross,” Round of ale for the table please think we are going to need.” Chuck smiles pleased by the offer of free ale and not being scared off.

Chuck,” Well….during my wandering days.. I came across a male water elf…” The ale is delivered as chuck fills them in on the story of their father, and how he met his end. Kross sinks down into his chair a bit during the mention of the thieving of the armor of the dwarf.Chuck finishes his ale then helps himself to Ash’s as Snowy drank hers down in a hurry having never been allowed to have any before, her cheeks have become rosy as Ash shakes her head. The taste of the ale was bitter and caused her to almost gag as she sipped it before.

Snowy,”SO our Dad was a water elf….” she says with a bit of disappointment as she looks like one but only knows fire magics.

Ash,” Can’t be sure this guy is telling the truth for all we really know he killed our dad and traded us. I mean look at him he is a useless drunk.”

Kross is about to chime in as Argo places his hand on his should to silence him as this is Snowy and Ash’s choice to believe or not. Kross shrugs off Argo’s hand but does remain silent.

Chuck,”This is true but I do not want anything from you but to get you out of here before the undead army arrives. ”

Snowy,” DADDY SLAYER…..”she says all serious before cracking up do to the ale. Argo leers at Kross who again shrugs at Argo.

Argo,” The last necromancer was slain decades ago and the rest of the zombies were dismembered a few ages after. ” Trying to prove this man was full of smoke and mirrors. Unbelieving of the tale just spun by Chuck. .

Kross,” Last necromancer was not slain, Agro…not sure who taught you that lie, but the last necromancer was locked in the gate with the darklings and other “evil doers”, he says in a slightly condescending way.

Chuck,”Hello….did you not know? The gate is open!!!!.


Chapter 12: Death is only the Beginning

The sounds of metal clanging ring out as the Mother of Death faces off against her son Hades. Their battle field is a barren field of warm sand cooling across the sand of the Valley of Seven Devils. The field was named this do to the fire Devils who once would doom all travelers who cross their vacant desert searching for a promised land that was made of myths and legends. A aspect that caused many who searched for a better tomorrow to meet terrible fates. They were captured ages ago by a fierce warrior who tricked them into fighting one another till they were too tired to defend against him. Dragging them back to the Gate he locked them away for what all assumed would be until the end of time.

Mother of Death,” Hades why are you doing this….There is no balance if you continue to kill those whoms time has yet to come. ”

Hades,” The old ways mean nothing, for its time for a change its time for you to give up your power to me.”

Mother of Death,” You’re a foolish child…you are not ready to be the God of Death.”

Hades charges forth bringing his blade down to strike his mother who uses a scythe to defend herself, sliding back across the sand from the strike. Surprised and slightly fearful of her son’s new found power.  She spins her scythe to cause a large about of sand to kick up and create a wall of sand between the two of them. Hades charges forth and swings his blade knocking loose his mothers grip on her weapon.

Hades: “Its time I bring you to piece darling.”

He shoves his sword deep into her chest causing her ribs to give way and the blade to pierce her heart. Black blood slides down the blade as the mother of death only smiles back at her foe.

Mother of Death,”Its a relief to know that my son had nothing to do with this…vile creature show yourself…”

Diane returns to her normal form as her body shifts from Hades’ to her own she looks back puzzled to have been exposed. Curious of how this false old God was able to see through her masquerade. Pulling the blade out of the Mother of Death she watches the God fall backwards onto the sand.

Diane: “Well seems you have some surprises in you still.”

Mother of Death,” Its not hard, for if you were my son and truly wanted the power you would not have destroyed the source….ha ha ha….foolish shapeshifter I no idea what your plans are but its simple to see you have no idea what your doing.” She laughs a bit until her voice is interrupted by a spur of blood. The wind begins to pick up greatly as Diane watches in confusion. Sand begins to fly towards Diane with great speed, it tears into her flesh and eyes blinding her.

Diane,” FUCK whats with this wind you old hag. ”

Diane would then feel the earth underneath her begin to pull in down, Alarmed she takes the form of a phoenix and takes off into the air a chain of sand follows her her up into the air wrapping around her ankles and starts to bring her back down. The wind also makes it difficult for her to remain steady and soon she crashes down into the sand, and then is drug down under the surface of the sand.

Wind,” Madam….are you alright”

Mother of Death,” The foolish thought of killing death…..ha…ha ha….” says before coughing up more blood, weakly she stands. Its at this point that she looks down at her chest, around the wound has begun to turn white to her dismay she falls to one knee as the wind rushes to her side, using its power to steady her.

Wind,” The book keeper said that something was coming to unleash war on the Gods. I guess that was one of them…I suppose. I found you and the God of the Earth we are looking for Rah and the other former Gods. The kingdom of Zeus has been laid to waste and they hung his dying body on the front gate. As a warning, if I had only gotten here sooner we might have been able to escape without injury. ”

Mother of Death,” I don’t think I am going to be alright…Rah was last known to be resting where the sky meets Earth. Trust no one…..” Holding her chest the white begins to slowly spread. She forces herself to stand and take. In the distance three figures begin approaching. The ground begins to shake as a massive sand dragon bursts forth attacking the ground as the wind helps mother of death steady herself and gain balance enough to remain on her feet.

Wind,” We need to go now…”

The gods make their retreat as the Mother of Death moans in pain with every step the wind conceals her movements till they she can manage to hide her form. The God of Earth continues to form a distraction till the others are clear before he leaves and the sands become still.

Gilgamesh, Madea, and an orc chieftain arrive on the scene. Medea laughs at the sand dragon who changes form to Diane.

Diane.”ahhh go choke on it Madea.”

Medea,” I am not the one who let some Lower Gods get the better of me now am I.”

Diane.” Former Gods seem to be of higher order than their offspring. ”

Gilgamesh,” It is nothing we can not handle I am sure of it. They may be powerful and illusive but to keep our plans on our track we shall have to finish them off not let them linger with injuries. Diane, do you have any information for me?”

Diane,” yes there is a wind God and an Earth God, they seem to be trying to find one another. But most of the former gods wont work with the current ones nor work well with one another.”

Gilgamesh,” Well do you know how many former Gods we could expect to encounter? And has anyone found 400? ”

Diane,” There was one matching his description that was mentioned in a small village. They spoke of him fondly as he healed them also provided them with food and other supplies. Only thing that makes me think its not him, is the fact they said he turned an army of darklings into dust before passing out for several days. He was also listed as blind; we know 400 is as well, but not everything matches up as 400 doesn’t fight nor heal others. ”

Medea,” yeah might be him might not be”

Gilgamesh,” Strange…thanks for the report return to your duties of observing, next time do not engage without back up. Medea lead our orc friend here to find Lucy and see if he has managed to open the gate. Combine your forces and then you with the help of Lucy and the sisters continue to destroy the temples and the followers. ”

Medea nods and looks to the orc chieftain in a bit of disgust as the orc looks at her with the clear thought of sexual fantasies filling its mind. Disgusted she leads the say towards a new town. The orc follows a on the verge of being to close behind her as they head south.

Gilgamesh leans down placing his hand into the sand, his eyes flash a bit as Diane finally takes off as a sparrow into the air. He was now alone in the vastness of desert. Whispers fill his head as he shakes it off for a moment before they come back louder.

Voices, “Kill them….kill them all….rule…bend the knee to no one. ”

Gilgamesh,” Yes master…I shall…kill them all….every last one….”


Chapter 11: Lucy Rising ( work in progress )

Lucifer wonders around an abandon Dwarf City of Granite. Wondering around for some time he finds a shrine that is still being maintained. The shrine is to Chronos which he found interesting. Why would dwarfs worship the God of Time, and who has been up keeping it up all this time.

The rest of the town had clearly seen very better days, most of the buildings had collapsed. Residents lie as broken skeletons on the street. As if they were lined up and forced to lay down as something heavy yet only about 8 inches wide was rolled over them repeatedly.

Hellen and Ellen land next to Lucifer. Hellen bats her blacken wings letting out the smell of rot as she hops forward to speak to Lucifer.

Hellen,”Seems there is a mountain slowly falling into the sea. There is a floating dock on the other side of that mountain *pointing to a mountain that was only about 2000 feet up. Other than that no shrines can be seen in the area though we also need to report we found that door thing you were looking for.”

Ellen wraps her wings around her arms and front as she walks up to Lucifer,” Though its a bit south from here you have a few mountains to cross over to get there. Also seems the mortals who used to habitat this area had begun mining the mountains and sea, but they were never fully complete or it already fell apart.

Lucifer nods to the sisters,”Alright I will work my way there shortly going to take down this shrine first; then I shall follow along. Report back to Gilgamesh and then I shall meet you at this Gate.” The girls spread their wings and take flight. Turning his attention to the shrine. He holds out is hand as if he was holding a sword. Seconds later a bright orange blade slides out of his had until a sword and handle form out of it. The heat off of the blade causes the air around it to distort anyone’s view. He jams the blade into the ground causing it to crumble and melt around the shrine. Though to is unpleasant surprise the shrine and the earth under it remained unfazed by his attempt to dismember it.

Lucifer.” Well then a shrine that puts up a fight?”

He steps back and raises his sword which bursts into bright orange flames with a black outline. He chants some words under his breath and 9 blasts of flame crash into the earth around him. From this burning craters rise fire demon like beings. Each with their own flaming weaponry, they charge forward across the molten rock and collide with the shrine. To even further annoy Lucy the summons crash into a invisible barrier around the shrine and as they strike it, the barriers outer layer lights up and looks like that of thick frost on an exposed window.

Laughing, he had realized that Chronos would have known of his arrival and had set some entertaining distractions. He jumps across the lava and lands on top of the barrier. He stabs his sword into the top of the dome causing it to his as it breaks its way through and eventually gives way to his persistence. He lands on top of the shrine as it breaks free. and finds himself grappled by chains as he activates a trap. Struggling for only a moment before he breaks free now annoyed by this shrine.
He begins to strike it over and over again till it eventually gives into his will. Every so often he would set off another wave of chains or be struck by an ice blast Causing his progress to slow and only fuel his rage to dismember the who building.

It was a good puzzle he thought as he departed from the rubble stepping on the skulls of the former villagers; making his way to the doors Ellen and Hellen informed him about.

Crossing the mountains would have been difficult for mortals but for him it was more of an annoyance that he could not avoid. Seems the delays would put him a bit behind schedule, not that it mattered but he preferred to stick to his schedule. After about 30 hours of traveling he arrived at the door. Above it in dwarfern tongue a message read ,” The Gate “. The craftsmanship was surreal. He was amazed by the beauty and the details in the stone work. Annoyed he finds a very complicated lock on the door. Five holes in a a star pattern with a massive magical seal on it created by all races and Gods. He swings his sword to strike it only to have it blasted backwards and knocked out of his hand. He does not pick up his sword but instead begins pounding relentlessly with his knuckles against the locks until they cave in and he jams his arm inside to release the lock. He repeats this with each one then kicks open the massive 50 foot tall and 10 feet deep walls. Granted this only opened it enough for him to pass through. As light enters the hall way he looks down to see some more markings. Reading them he chuckle,”The abyss of hell.” Stepping forward he mocks the scriptures as he walks through looking at the walls carefully. till he arrives to a drop off. He summons a fire ball in one hand and tosses it down he seeing the fire ball land about 150ft down, then begin to roll down a long spiral stair case. it case goes on forever.

Chapter Ten: Alexander

Chapter Ten Alexander

Alexander,”truly delicious….red….golden…green….they are all just wonderful. What do you call these things again.” Alexander says as he crunches down five apples at a time as the merchant shivering with fear over the pure size of this man eating his inventory.

Merchant, “A-A–App….les….Apples sir.” The merchant stammers staring up at Alexander in somewhat horror. Pondering that if the giant wanted too Alexander could possibly eat fat turkey in one bite.

Alexander having finished the last one on the stands,” Do you have any more I would like to take some to my friends, I am sure they would find these just as delicious as I have.

Merchant,”No….sorry…..that will be 200gp…….”

Alexander looks down at the normal sized merchant,” 200 Gold pieces? what are those?

Merchant,” Coins made of gold with the markings of the Gods on them. ”

Alexander pondering a moment,” how does one find these coins?”

Merchant,”By trading or working to earn them.”

Alexander trying to find out the purpose for these coins and how they effect the common people. ” Now where does one work to ‘earn’ these coins you speak of and what kind of work?”

Merchant realizes he is not going to get paid but has a thought.” Tell you what if you help me harvest my crops you will not owe me anything, and I will pay you 50 gold coins for your help?”

Alexander,” Sure thing sounds good……have you ever heard of the Immortals?

The merchant goes to leave from behind his stall thinking that this massive man would allow him to bring back a week worth of supplies for the store in a day

Merchant,” Can’t say I have, my name Tiptin by the say stranger.”

Alexander,” Well Tiptin I am Alexander, and the immortals came to release you and all man kind from worshiping the Gods. They shall save you all from the reign of sacrifice and games the Gods force you to participate in. ”

Tiptin leads them down a stone path way to a a rather large grove and orchard listening to Alexander explain, about what the Immortals want for the realms.

Alexander, ” The immortals want to free every race from the judgement of the Gods, and place in to power where every race will have its place to live out its days in peace, to do as they like.”

Tiptin,” You do realize all races are not kind to other races just because of their nature correct? That not all of us mortals have issues with the God’s and in fact some of the Gods take very good care of certain races and folks.”

Alexander,” yes they may but do they take care off all the races?”

Tiptin,” Well no, some are not worth helping nor protecting.”

Alexander,” That’s not true at all every race has their right to live in peace and harmony with the others”

Tiptin,” Not all races want to do this, For instance the Darklings spend their day eating the flesh and souls of man, dwarf, gnome, elf and all the others. Raping and pillaging farmers wives, merchants and anything they can get a hold of. They are cruel evil beasts who no remorse or kindness to them.”

Alexander,”Have you ever met them? Sat down and actually tried to talk to them or whenever one comes by do you fall on those ideals and threaten them first, or try to kill them. Did you ever once consider they only act that way because others treat them poorly. Perhaps it was only because the Gods proclaimed they were these things so they became them. Surely you cant believe that all of them are unjust now.”

Tiptin,” You sir are without a doubt the more ignorant man I have ever met or the most confused. Darklings, vampires, Devils, soul eaters, ext don’t give a damn about life, cause they must destroy it to continue their unnatural lives. ”

Alexander,”then they must respect life more than any others for without it they would also parish. Yes they may have to eat off the living but it doesn’t mean they want to or will kill to do it. ”

Tiptin,” and then do anyway. This is my farm you can start by shaking down some more apples from the trees. ” Tiptin points to the orchard once they arrive at the main gate of his property. Rather glad to have a break from the loaf of a man that could easily kill him in one fell swoop.  Tiptin continues on the path up to his barn and starts collecting up baskets and sacs for the giant to put his collection in. Turning back to Alexander, Tiptin sees Alexander wielding a large War Hammer with an ax edge on one side. Alexander slams it down into the earth causing the area to shake violently; causing apples to fall from the trees in the whole orchard.

Alexander” So is that enough or give it another go?”

Tiptin stands dazed by the side and slightly frightened at first, shaking it off he responds,” No…I think your good…So….where did you find that fine weapon there. Could of sworn you didn’t have it before. ” Tiptin makes his way over to Alexander carrying all the containers for them. They begin to pick up the mess of fruit and continue to to chit chat till the evening.

Tiptin,”Thank you for help today.”

Alexander,”When was the last time a God helped you personally may I just ask.”

Tiptin,”They were kind enough to bless me with a healthy child and kept my wife strong.”

Alexander,”no no, I mean came down before you and talked to you one on one, helped you collect fruit from your land.”

Tiptin,” Well never…I suppose not in direct fashion.”

Alexander,” Well already the Immortals have helped you out more than the Gods, wither you believe it or not is up to you. Though the truth remains the same….” *Alexander collects a few from a confused tiptin, He also grabs a small bag of oranges and apples, turning to leave.

Tiptin,”Stay safe traveler and thank you again for you assistance today. I shall consider what you say about these immortals not sure how they helped me out directly yet.

Alexander,”Ah well all you have to do is open your eyes.” Alexander would say releasing a bright flash from his eyes, as his skin turns to black diamond. Turning to the road he begins walking as Tiptin drops a sack of fruit staring at Alexander disappearing off into the distance.

The next day Tiptin finishes loading up his chart and starts pushing it into town for his market stand. With enough fruit harvested to last him several days the goal now was to sell it before he went to waste.  Once he gets to town he unloads his product and begins to advertise selling all the goods.

Tiptin,” Fresh Fruit for sale, great for traveling or cooking. Buy. Take. Enjoy!”

Cecil, Argo, Snowy and Ash all arrive at the city looking around the market center for supplies before they continue off. Kross broke off ahead a few hours before the others and has already made himself at home in the Local tavern, chatting up the inn keeper on local warriors or points of interest.

Snowy,” Fruit? Argo I know money is a little tight but can I get a peach please,”

Ash,” Shhhh we just ate robins eggs how much more could you want? Besides the only good  fruit is pineapple, or watermelon. ”

Cecil,” You all go pick something out, my treat…Argo can you pick up some other supplies from the butcher, and baker, some sweet bread and cookies would be a nice treat for later.”

Argo,” You shouldn’t be paying for everything on your own now. ”

Cecil,” No trouble at all I have more than enough to spare,” Cecil holds up a medium coin purse to Argo,” Take this and get enough supplies that we wont need to stop for a while. Got a lot of ground to cover. ”

Argo,” Thank you…” he reluctantly takes the coin pouch to do business and breaks off from the rest.

Cecil, “Ash can you please go and see if you can find a stable, or someone selling some horses, and perhaps a cart or wagon to pull along for our supplies. ”

Ash,”You mean? We wont have to walk everywhere?”

Cecil,” I can not afford to buy a horse for everyone, maybe two and a wagon if the price is right, but we are looking for something to carry our supplies unless you and Snowy would like to carry everything. ” He says with a snicker and a thought of Snowy and Ash carrying everything unable to see over the mounds of supplies.

Snowy,” No way, thats why we have Argo, it is his job to carry everything its ours to keep up.” Snowy says as if she has been told this various times in the past.

Ash,” He wasn’t serious you dim wit….Okay Cecil, I’ll scout out the town and see what I can uncover. ”

Cecil,” Now stay out of trouble. ”

Ash sighs at the “stay out of trouble,” statement as they conclude their conversation. Pulling up the hood to her blue cloak she heads off deeper into town as Cecil and Snowy head towards the fruit stand and Tiptin.

Tiptin,”Greetings! Come see and taste the freshest fruit in all of town!!!”

Snowy rushes off ahead of Cecil who meanders his way over to the stall. Snowy’s nose hovers over the peaches smelling in deep their aroma. Saliva begins to pool in her mouth as she gently moves her way through the Peaches, till she finds an extra large perfectly fuzzy and colored one. She graps it with both hands in sheer awe of amazement.

Cecil arrives at the stand, placing his hand along the edge he follows its lining till he bumps into Snowy. Who turns aburptly as her gaze of the fruit is interupted.

Cecil,” Sorry for bumping into you but you did just leave a blind man alone in the middle of street…..”

Snowy,”Can I have this lushious delicious peach?”

Cecil,” Sure thing,  but pick up several of each kind for the journy. ”

Snowy, “Sure thing I will pick out the very best of each kind.” She says excited. This is the first time Snowy has ever been allowed to pickout/help shopping. She takes her job a little too serious as she looks over all of her options. Picking out some watermellons, apples, several peaches, grapes, popergranit, and some cantalope. Her eyes stop she she sees strawberries, red, purple, and blue.

Snowy,”Wow, I have never seen strawberries like these before….I bet they are delicious…..Cecil do you have a bag or something my hands are getting very full..”

Tiptin,” Miss for your order I can throw in a few baskets for a small fee.”

Cecil,”That will do just fine sir, how about 10 baskets or so?”

Tiptin,” Certainly!” Tiptin runs off to his wagon and unloads ten baskets of decent size but clearly been used for quite some time. Returning he places them by snowy who grins as she starts filling them up.

Cecil,”So have you seen or heard of anything strange as of late?”

Tiptin,”Just a very large preacher talking about a new religon or something consisting of beings called Immortals. Clueless but in the end helpful half giant. Think he might have been some sort of stone mage….honestly not sure. Never seen anything like him before nor heard any of the nonsense he was spewing about the end of the Gods.”

Cecil,” Immortals?…End of the Gods.”

Tiptin,” Honestly I was scared he was going to crush me at any moment but he was actually a very nice indivdual. He said something about ten immortals cleansing the heavens so mortals could live without fear or hommage to the Gods. Saying the immortals were here to help us out even hinted that he was one. Not sure what to make of it but it seems like nonsense to me.”

Cecil,” So when did he pass your way?”

Tiptin,” Yesterday, he helped me harvest all of this fruit….believe me I never have had this much fruit to sell at once, though I might be able to hire some extra hands once I sell all of this. ”

Cecil,” I see, it’s interesting information and which direction did this man choose to tred.”

Tiptin,” Think he headed dead east towards the great planes and the Village of Nomads. ”

Snowy,” Baskets are full….but how are we going to carry all of them? ”

Cecil,” Tell you what I will wait here, pay for them, and protect them as you go catch up with your sister. ”

Snowy nods, and scurries off down into town searching for Ash. As Cecil continues his conversation with Tiptin, handing over 80 gold pieces to the man for his products.

Cecil waits awhile for the rest of the group to return to him. Eyeing the vender closely as time passes. Soon he sees Kross approaching.

Kross,”Well there you are blind boy. Seems there has been a few townsfolk venturing off an not returning. The locals are blaming the blink hounds who run through the high grass lands.”

Cecil,” Pesky animals those are. We will keep to the edge of the plains then to avoid running into them as best we can, though it will slow our travels a bit.”

Kross,” True, but with our little group; they wouldn’t pose much of a threat.”

Cecil, “Not everyone is as battle hardened as you are.”

Kross,” Battle hardened? I do my best to avoid fighting, it’s messy. I was just stating Argo and the girls are very capable.”

Cecil, “I suppose your correct. Once the others return with the supplies and horses we will make our way past the plains, and to the mountains.”

Kross,” Where are we going anyway?”

Cecil,” The plan is to find out whats happening to the temples of the Gods. Poseidon’s temple by the see protected by the water elves is still standing. Hopefully we can find out who is destroying them as we travel and thus prepare to stop them.”

Kross,” So this has nothing to do with the darklings growing in numbers and attacking peaceful villages?”

Cecil,” I hope not, but I have a feeling they are connected.”

Kross,” Let me ask you a question?”

Cecil,” Go ahead then.”

Kross,” What game are you playing at here?”

Cecil,” Excuse me? ”

Kross narrows his eyes and his tone becomes stern,” A blind wizard, using healing magic’s long forgotten and other magics that no one has ever seen. Just think you know more about whats going on than you let on. The others might be fooled by your frail looks and attitude, but not me. Besides the destroying of Temples for Gods who never gave a damn about mortals in the first place does not seem like much of a loss to me. ”

Cecil, “Do not presume to know more than you do. Regardless your feelings towards what you believe I know or your opinion of the Gods, you can not tell me that you believe that destroying the innocent people around those temples is alright.”

Kross, ” No killing of innocent people is not alright I can agree with you on that, but why do you care?”

Cecil,” Its simple really, blood rains from the heavens, villages and people are being destroyed, everyone is fighting to protect their homes and families, and no one I know is trying to figure out whats going on. Personally I have grown tired of healing wounds, and burying friends, I would rather prevent the damages from ever being done. Only way to do that is to discover who or what is causing it and stop them. ”

Kross,” On that note, Apparently some sort of stone man came through here a while ago, preaching about immortals. The locals kinda of did their best to ignore him. ”

Tiptin,” Ah yes the man was a bit strange but a good guy over all. Helped me greatly with my harvest. ”

Kross,” You met the man as well?”

Cecil,” Yes I have heard about him as well, he is heading off in our direction so we might bump into him along the way.”

Tiptin,” Yes I did he headed off into the plains without a care.”

Kross,” That settles it if we run into that man I will have some questions for him, hopefully he has a good story to tell that I can mass produce for profit.”

Cecil rolls his eyes at Kross as the others begin to return with the horses and supplies they will need for their journey. They thank Tiptin collecting the baskets and loading up a ratty old wagon that Snowy was able to purchase from a failed farmer at the market. As she found Ash with 2 brown and white spotted horses. Strapping up the horses to the wagon Snowy, Ash and Cecil climb into the wagon and tie down their supplies as Kross and Argo lead the horses to the edge of the plains, where they proceed to follow the trail around the bulk of it as the mountains can be seen about a weeks worth of journey ahead.